Operation and maintenance for El- SAWANY MSW treatment plant - Tripoli. Libya

    Environmental Protection Agency - Tripoli


    Project Capacity

    500 ton/day, (One shift, 8 hr)


    Project Duration

    Nov. 2001-2004


    Required Expertise

    Operation & maintenance of treatment plants capacities


    Project Description




    In November 2001, The client contracted with ECARU for a year to operate, maintain and update the plant to suit the nature of household waste in that period where the plant is designed based on specifications of the waste is different from what is the reality


    The work began with one line needs rehabilitation and the another line didn’t operate from  a dry run test at 1985, and the reject incinerator burned as a fire once, fire accident.


    ECARU's staff has taken this challenging job and within 2 months all lines were working efficienctly and receive 500 ton/day, include 150 (engineering, technician & worker).


    The main items in the plant are:

    1. Crushers .                            2. Disc screens for sorting

    3. Digester towers                    4. Rotary final products screens

    5. Glass grinder                       6. Bagging units

    7. Scrap pressing unit.


    The client renewed the contract for another years.