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Who are we?


Egyptian Company for solid Waste Recycling, "ECARU" was established in 1997, "ECARU" is a sister company to Engineering Tasks Group ,"ENTAG".

 "ECARU" is the largest Solid Waste Management service provider in the Middle East and Africa providing the following Businesses:

  1.     Biomass Business, "ECARU" provides Collecting, transporting, Processing of all types of agricultural residues as "ECARU" collects and processes approximately 1.5.M ton /year of the Agricultural residues. We produce various types of products such as Alternative solid fuel for the industrial sector & Organic Compost, Animal Feed for Agricultural sector & we are currently processing our Biomasses to produce an Alternative solid Fuel for Cement kilns (500,000-700,000 ton/year).


  1.     Municipal Solid waste (MSW) Business, "ECARU" is the most innovative, experienced company specialized in MSW management (MRF, composting, Recycling, RDF Production and disposal facilities), upgrade, maintenance, equipment supply and technical support to provide integrated services for any projects.


We produce various types of products such as Organic Compost for Agricultural sector, we are currently receiving 500,000 ton of MSW on our MRF Projects, we are currently processing the received quantities and produce 100.000 ton/year of high quality RDF as an Alternative solid Fuel for Cement kilns



"ECARU" & "ENTAG" group operates under "Qalaa Holdings" umbrella, "Qalaa Holdings" is the leading investment company in Africa and the Middle East. "Qalaa Holdings" build businesses in core industries that will define its region’s future. The 40,000 employees of its core subsidiaries and other investments work each day to deliver energy to consumers and businesses alike; to provide reliable, fuel-efficient transportation solutions; to grow or manufacture safe, healthy food; to add value to natural resources; and to help build critical national infrastructure. "Qalaa Holdings" prize innovation, value creation and sustainability in all of its investments.


"ECARU" hasimplemented a Quality Management System in conformity with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001 Quality Management, ISO 14001 in Environment and ISO 18001 in Occupational Safety and Health.





Chart no. (2): ISO certificates



  "ECARU"᾽s goal is to remain at the highest level of progress in integrated solid waste management as well as all related area.