Collection, Transportation and Treatment services of Agriculture Residues in Sharkia Governorate.

Project location

Sharkia governorate - Egypt


Project Capacity

90,000  ton/year


Project Duration

2009- 2014


Project Description




The surface area cultivated of rice straw in Sharkia governorate is 49,052 fadden.


The labor number was about 306 in addition to temporary labor in the collection season was up to 200 person.


Activities realated to project:

v  Collection of biomass

v  Transportation of biomass to the collection and treatment area

v  Treatment af biomass and transforming it to products for marketing

v  Provide all equipments for collection, transportation and treatment process

v  Provide area for collection and operation

v  Provide workforce for project

v  Coordination with the Agriculture Institute, the governorate and the Environmental ministry to prevent the burning inside the extent of service

v  The number of sites : 20