Operate a sanitary landfill in Beni-suef, Egypt.


ENgineering TAsks Group (ENTAG)


Project location

Beni Suef -Egypt


Project Capacity

100 ton/year


Project Duration

April 2010-Jan.2013


Project Description

ECARU signed a contract with ENTAG for operation and management of landfill where entag has been awarded a contract  with Abo Keir Company for manufacture engineerning for:

-       Estabishement of landfill for solid waste

-       Design and operation of landfill


The landfill was constructed in Ghayata village in  El Sharqueya in the desert, The landfill cell age is one year and its capacity is 100ton/ day the site was chosen to enable future extension behind the existing cell and using the same buildings ( administration- weighbridge ) the site is surrounded with barbed wire, the total area of the project is 6.18 acres